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Chihuahua Clothes

The trend of dressing up your pooch isn’t anything new. Truth be told, Chihuahua clothes were initially invented in the medieval times as protection for the knights pooches. Still to this day people dress their dogs in clothing, particularly the Chihuahua breed.

Chihuahuas are such a keen, fun, and charming type of pooch. They are one of only a handful of breeds that like to stay by their owners side or on there lap, rather than being somewhere else. Numerous Chi lovers cannot avoid their cuteness and loving ways. Odds are you likely know someone who has a pet Chi, and there’s a strong possibility they dress them in cute clothing.

Where To Start

Chihuahua Clothes Dressing your little pooch in charming clothes has been popular among dog lovers all over the world for centuries. It not only allows you to express your pets style to all your friends and family, but it likewise gives you an awesome opportunity to invest some quality time with your dog. The main thing you will need to understand when looking for clothing for dog’s is the size. Since Chihuahuas come in all different sizes it’s important to measure you pooch correctly (see measuring your dog / size guide) to ensure their clothes fit comfortably. You need to consider what the clothes will look like on your pet, as well as how they fit, and how happy your pooch is going to feel in them. Animals aren’t able to tell you how uncomfortable they might feel in their clothes, so it’s your responsibility to ensure their garments are the correct size.

Chihuahua Clothes 51If this is your first time buying clothes for your pet, you should begin with something that is simple and easy to put on your pooch. The last thing you want is a piece of clothing that is difficult to put on your dog. Struggling to put clothing on your dog can lead to a traumatic experience, and scare them from wearing clothing in the future. A decent t-shirt is a good place to start when styling your pooch, you can find them in pretty much any colour, and just about any size. They easily slip over the head and will get your pooch used to their first piece of clothing. Talk to your dog in a soothing manna and use treats if needed in order to keep your pet calm as you dress them.

Do Chihuahuas Need Clothes

Chihuahua Clothes You’ve seen them outside shops, or walking down the street, wearing a jumper, leather jacket even a cute little costume. Yes, Chihuahuas wearing clothes, it happens each and every day; somebody dresses up their cute little pet in some designer outfit or some little leg warmers. Perhaps you dress your dog up as well. If you do, you probably already know how important dog clothes are. If you don’t dress up your Chi chances are, you probably wonder “if dog clothes are really necessary”.

Chihuahua Clothes (4)So, why do Chihuahuas benefit from wearing clothes? Well you have to understand that Chihuahuas are not like most dogs. Not to mention they are the smallest breed of dog on the planet. But they have very little body fat compared to most dog breads, which leave them more prone to colder temperatures than other pooches. Chihuahuas body temperatures can drop dramatically in less than a few minutes. In colder climates it’s important they wear clothing when they venture outside, even if it’s for a short period of time.

Choose The Correct Outfit  

Chihuahua Clothes Obviously, but sometimes overlooked is buying the correct Chi clothes that corresponds to the sex of your pooch. If you own a male Chi, search for “boy” colours, similar to black, blue, white or brown. Dress them in more “girly” colours, similar to pink, red, and yellow if you own a female. This is a top tip that ought to help anybody pick out their first garments.

Chihuahua Clothes 52As the holidays draw closer, try to find an outfit that suites the event. It can make your Chihuahua look charming and bubbly, but it can also be a great way to start a conversation when you have visitors over. I once dressed my dog up in a skull and bones outfit for Halloween, and all the children playing trick or treat couldn’t get over how cute he looked. Halloween is not the only time for an outfit, for Easter you could dress them up as a bunny, or a turkey at Christmas, or even an elf, you get the idea.

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